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Steve Marriner Sean Chambers, Tito Jackson-REVIEWS JOHN EMMS

First things… with a torn rotator cuff and dislocated shoulder it was hard to type or put on a guitar.

Still rehabbing for sure.  But that should explain the last 4 months of inactivity with reviews

 On with the gig

Steve Marriner-Hope Dies Last-Passion is hard to explain but everyone knows it when they hear it.

On Hope Dies Last Steve Marriner takes 10 well penned songs that show gritty musicianship and soul and let’s it fly. 

Check out the rock urban mix of Take Me to the City and the inside the gut punch of Somethin’ Somethin which just also happens to be a sure fire radio song.

Damn it the track also features a killer pedal steel solo and great background soul vocals by some fine sounding ladies.

How High features Jimmy Bowskill and Glenn Milchem and the video was filmed at The Carmeron House just in case it wasn’t already cool enough. 

Elsewhere Coal Mine shines and the funky Petite Danse would come Dr. John approved.

Also check out Honey Bee a Tom Petty cover that has tons of swagger,

Long Way Down ends the album in a sombre reflective feel.

It’s important to know this is NOT a MonkeyJunk album or reflective of his road dawg work with so many other artists.

It’s just a respected solo artist/musician feeling it and playing it for you.

Love it.

Sean Chambers-That’s What I’m Talkin About-Tribute to Hubert Sumlin

Wow, this simply kicks butt.

From the opening monster riffage of Chunky to the growling Rockin Daddy or the fantastic gem Hidden Charms Chambers and his band are lean and mean.

Put this cd on at a barbecue and watch people start to groove.

Tito Jackson-Under Your Spell-Legendary guitarist Tito Jackson yes that Jackson from the Jackson 5 blows it out of the water on his blues debut album due out August 6 2021

If that was not enough Stevie Wonder, Joe Bonamassa and Kenny Neal and a ton of others guest.

But make no mistake this is Tito J all the way as songwriter, guitarist and bandleader along with the killer talent of Micheal K Jackson. 

Wheels Keep Turning gets the groove on and the title track features Joe B on slide.

Dyin’ Over Here, Love One Another and That Kind of Love are punchy straight forward songs that beg for repeated airplay.

George Benson guests on the B.B. King nugget Rock Me Baby and Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff wrote

All In the Family Blues for Tito.

Damn it this is real fine stuff.

JOHN EMMS is a veteran published music journalist, musician, Juno Awards Judge and former radio host


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