WHAT’S ON JOHN’S IPOD PLAYLIST- MARCH-2016-forget all the crap..and listen to real artists…review john emms

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I won’t be the first person to say let’s get rid of the crap that is on radio and push in some new blood.

I know CBC radio has been good to a ton of artists, (including our own band) so kudos there. But the more people I turn on to new artists or older ones like Big Star, they say ” I had no idea”

I will be getting my RADIO show podcast up and running by summer..in a whole new edition and style.

Here is what’s getting REPEAT play on my Ipod..this week. So check out the artists work.

Iggy Pop/Josh Homme-Gardenia-Ton of David Bowie influence but that’s very cool.

Cecile Doo-Kingue-Thankful-So much great stuff on this cd..This one is breezy, R & B chord changes and yes this is a great country..amen and shine your light.

Ron Hawkins & The Do Good Assassins-Propellers-One of my fave songwriters on any level, This is from Garden Songs 2015. Puts me in a reflective mood every time.

Devin Cuddy Band-Just One Kiss-from Kitchen Knife-Very soulful blues inspired vocal work, with nice gtr fills. Watch out for Cuddy’s new material I heard in concert, it was KILLER

Johnny Rawls-Red Cadillac-from the cd Tiger in a Cage-Memphis soul, love those horns and the groove just won’t quit

Mavis Staples-Take Us Back-Mavis has never went away..and this album just kills-Album title is Livin’ On a High Note

Billy Gibbons & the BFG’S- BG  moves it on out to a 6 piece band/Afro Cuban vibe-Track is Got Love If You Want It.

JOHN EMMS is a veteran music journalist, songwriter, radio host and performer.

JOHN’S MUSIC https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/paycheque-blues/id365389443

TWITTER https://twitter.com/emmsreviews

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