BONAMASSA, CELLESTE, CUDDY, RIVAL SONS, SPRINGSTEEN,top “mix tape”..single reviews by john emms



As a journalist and musician I listen a lot of new music.

It also gives you a gauge when your writing your own new material.

I still have the habit of making best of tracks for my vehicle or Gym ipod 

Never learned from the mix  cassette tape days I guess.

You can download all of these tracks.  Here is a small sample of what is in rotation in my vehicle and what I play on my radio show. http://emms.podbean.com/

 Joe Bonamassa-Driving Towards The Daylight-Title track of his new album brings tons of tension built around a great lyric and even better vocal by Bonamassa. Short gtr solo. Atmospheric mix!

Celleste-(top photo) Join The Infestation. May sound like a funny sounding title until you hear Celleste and producer Eric Dick lock into the bass guitar/drum whomp.  Celleste wails a Katy Perry good time vibe over a vintage beat the Black Keys would be proud of.

Jim Cuddy-Regular Days-From the Skyscraper Soul cd. Cuddy always has a way of making records that sound good the first time through, but killer on repeated listens. Gorgeous lead and harmony vocals, tight focused chord progression. Great  relationship number.

See my full review of Jim’s cd in the archive section 

Norah Jones-She’s 22-Wow, you won’t believe the trippy turn in the lyric” Does she make you happy” and how Jones has you hanging on every word. The minimal backing is spooky and real. From her latest cd Little Broken Hearts.

Bruce Springsteen-Shackled and Drawn-Easily one the most organic songs by any artist this year. Great story in the lyric, gospel backing.  How can you top yourself as The Boss. This is one way for sure.

Peter Karp/Sue Foley-Beyond The Crossroads-Wow, this is an R & B blues based rocker which  recalls the pure joy of stuff that Solomon Burke would have put out. Stunning.

Rival Sons-Only One-From the Pressure & Time cd. Honestly this reminds me of a modern day Bad Company track. The rhodes piano and southern fried guitar fills only add fuel to one of the best vocals I have heard in recent memory

JOHN EMMS is a veteran music journalist, radio host and musician. You can check out John’s latest work on Apple i Tunes with The Shaftmen in addition to his solo recordings. Visit John here www.johnemms.com

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