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The corporate radio role model of bringing in business people or celebrities to gig the same old run through the same 400 classic rock hits is lame.

But that goes ditto for the biggest flavour of the month

Or the top 40 hits of the second, minute, day or week

Fact is it’s wearing people down.

Heck, this pattern is already deeply established in reality television. And is’ this not great t.v.? Yeah right

The syndication of this is in radio is less choice for fans and less jobs in an industry that once was a major player for new artists

Let’s be fair there are very talanted people in syndicated radio. These people like any industry have to eat, live and have a job in their life.  It’s not the workers who are at fault.  But just as in the print media  merging big business drives bigger profits

 This is trouble for radio music fans.  This syndication and centrilization is  toxic to good taste in music and moronic to intelligent fans who love their music.

Whether it ‘s a diminishing audience who now are only 12 to 20 years old or for older listeners who did get to hear the real deal it’s not good.

In fact, in the days of FM  album orientated  radio DJ’s and programmers were personally selecting and programming their own shows

Internet Podcasting and in some areas community radio has proven a resource for the listener who does not want to hear centralized syndicated radio and a tight strict musical format

I personally select every song on my podcast and in what order it will play. That coupled working with an enginner like Doug Young who really cares works.  Hopefully this gives us both integrity. Doug Young is a great community radio person. 

I try to use my first passion as a fan of music, and my experience as a musician.

It’s working.  We are not gaining 50 million listeners. But it sure is growing

Podcasts and internet radio has also proven it can be a great platform for artists who want to get their music heard in local, regional and international markets via the world wide net.

Personally selecting each song and in what order it shall play lets the show breathe

An ever increasing amout of people from all parts of the world are tuning in. A buzz is going out there.

And this is coming from different countries and religious beliefs.  Heck, what does that mean. Wow.

On a musical  level everything now at radio is aimed at The 3 M’S…mainstreet, mainstream, and mediocrity.

I’m not saying podcasters are breaking new artists every week, but personally I will mix great local  and regional  bands with international acts and it works.

Just remember. Bob Seger in the early days could play to 50,000 people in Michigan and go an other state the next week and only play for 500 people. How could that happen now, I’m not sure but choice is still out there. If you want to hear great choice radio just click

JOHN EMMS is a veteran musician, radio host and journalist

November 2011