THE MIDWAY STATE-atmospheric bliss/CANDELORA-passion rules/reviews by john emms

THE MIDWAY STATE PARIS OR INDIA                                                                                                                                        

I know, there are not a lot of musical surprises anymore. It’s boring. Okay maybe Death Cab for Cutie. Pay attention to this cd. 

The reason is simple. It’s organic, original and you want to play it again. But not because it’s catchy. It is, but hell this band speaks to you from their inside.

Along with the above mentioned Candelora (an indie release)  The Midway State (major label release) should tell you that Canada is again at the forefront of new music (Arcade Fire, City and Colour) 

Superb tracks include the atmospheric Lightning, the glorious Atlantic and one of the best tracks I have heard anywhere this year All Anew. Did I mention the killer title track. 

You can’t pinpoint a distinct influence. The band is all over the map on the cd, but somehow the album makes sense as a piece of music from start to finish.

Pick this up for all the right reasons

Candelora (TOP PHOTO) may not be smiling but they should be. This self titled cd has incredible passion mixed with equal amounts of a band searching for a definitve sound.

Having said that, tracks like Colour of the Sun, the driving Red Northern Lights, Outland Seranade and Mountain Atmosphere simply can’t miss.

Soundwise the band mixes early Coldplay (The Blue Room) with a wee bit of Arcade Fire and even Nova Scotia’s former alt rockers Sandbox.

An exciting release!  This band needs to get out and tour anywhere, anytime. 

JOHN EMMS is a veteran music journalist, blues/ roots musician www.theshaftmen.com www.johnemms.com and an online radio host http://emms.podbean.com/

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