Same shite/Get out of your practice room/be different-by john emms

What passes for music on the top of the charts all sounds like the same songs to me

Same production tricks. Same auto-tune vocals. Same dance moves. Different faces.

What’s up with that????????

Soon as something becomes popular someone will clone it. It happens in any genre. Pop, country, rock, hip hop.

 Indie artists? Are you selling any cd’s? Not too many. Of course not, your still stuck in your practice room

By all means practice.  But hell …DARE TO TO BE DIFFERENT

Hell, you could give me a hundred wannabe pretenders. But these days where is the “real thing’  People like John Lennon.  Waylon Jennings etc. They must be hiding.  

Main  advice.

Get out and play. In fact get out of town. Whatever little or big town your stuck in get out. No one is going to bang on your door, and say “We want you to be the next big thing”

Do you think the Foo Fighters, Adele, Lady Gaga, or Kid Rock made their mark playing top 40 cover songs. Sure, they may have played them. But they started writing their own songs and went where the music was. They got management. They got an agent and they went on tour. (that’s of course is another column)

Now everyone is looking to the big money and an American Idol showcase. THAT’S BULLSHIT

Sure there is talent on new shows like THE  VOICE.  But wake up. Be yourself above all. Someone will notice if you get out there and be yourself.

 Chris Martin of Coldplay (in photo) used to say you were day jobbing if you were not living the music day and night. Heck, you may not like Coldplay or Bryan Adams or whoever but they got off their arse and made it happen.

Now people are covering THEIR SONGS. 

JOHN EMMS is a veteran music journalist, online radio host and musician

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