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ADELE-21-Talk about soul folks

This is what happens when songs meet talent and voice meets reality.

NO CRAP HERE ..Rumour Has It, Turning Tables , He Wont Do, I’ll Be Waiting..on and on it goes.

The most organic and real album I have heard this year


Ok, sometimes musicians from different bands get togther and it does not gel

 Not here!

The groove put out by BCC is simply down and nasty.

 This cd will never out sell the new fangled Foo Fighters cd.(which is good) because it sounds dated…That’s the good part folks

Hard won rockers like One Last Soul, No Time, (not the Guess Who) and Down Again are dangerous.

Guess what? Joe Bonamassa sings his ass off  on Song Of Yesterday while Glenn Hughes rips out his lungs on Medusa. 
 Bonamassa throws his head back and just riffs.  Bonham, Sherinian, and especially Hughes and producer Kevin Shirley add glue..  IT STICKS 

Funny thing  ROXETTE’S new cd CHARM SCHOOL remembers that a good hook still goes down well anywhere on the planet

At least Four Standout trax-No One Makes It Her Own,  Speak To Me..both..ballads….few of the rockers are ok

RADIOHEAD-Hell I wish I had the balls to do this..Swirling soundscapes electronic mumbo jumbo .WOW IT’S making sense in my day WHY?

But will it make sense..the rest of this summer?

Willie Nelson/Wynton/Marsalis Here We Go Again-(celebrating the genius of Ray Charles)

Ray would dig the jazz solos. They are big on tecnhique. Norah Jones can really sing. Willie sounds real, but somehow they have taken the SOUL out of Ray’s visceral  music. I go back to Ray C.

JOHN EMMS is veteran music journalist, online radio host and musician

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