SHANIA TWAIN-WHY NOT on Oprah t.v.-YOU LOVE HER..BUT will you subscribe to the speciality channel-by john emms

All you Shania fans all over the world. Shania has did it all for you guys and girls. Whether she was inspiring you with her life story, posing in lingerie (for you guys) singing her songs all over the world, or getting over heartbreak and is happily married again (for you girls)  Look, on my end, folks  she is very likeable.  

But, are you going to pay a speciality channel price to see her show here in Canada or anywhere in the world?

And to be honest I  think the show is going to be super interesting on all levels. If the show was part of your regular cable or satellite package then that would be okay.

For example if it was broadcast  just on regular t.v. CTV, Global etc. or whatever no problem. But, extra bucks for the Oprah t.v., which I will not watch. Umm, don’t know. 

Look,  Shania  was about  a 2 minute walk from my home in Timmins  not long ago filming with the Oprah TV team. I saw the buses but it just looked like a stay away thing. In fact, I was walking to the corner store to buy a lottery ticket.

None of the media in our city were told about it. I knew it on the day, and made a brief post on facebook page. Then took it down. I did not want to be un-professional because I like Shania and the way she has inspired people

I liked her 30 years ago, when she was singing in the bars and our band was playing across the street.

I liked her when I got the first nod for questions in the media tent on her homecoming concert.  And yes I think UP is one of the best pop albums of the last 20 years.

But  again, will I or you pay extra bucks to view the Oprah Network?

 On the musical side of things, I believe Shania has been recording some stuff in the studio secretly.  I’m also thinking the producer on some songs COULD BE the hugely talented Kevin Churko (Ozzy’s latest)

If Shania is going to talk about initmate details on her new t.v. show and reveal them in her new book, then let’s hope she also writes a few songs in the same manner. I like the pop songs, but let’s hear some really heartfelt gut emotions in NEW songs.

Oprah t.v comes to Canada in about 2 weeks.

JOHN EMMS is a veteran music journalist who writes and reviews products for all major music labels.   John has his own roots radio show    http://emms.podbean.com/  John also writes columns for   www.timminspress.com.  and is a musician www.theshaftmen.com

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