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Yes everyone needs to be loved and Shania Twain is no different. Congratulations on your announcement.

Here are 12 lighthearted  SHANIA Stocking stuffer quotes from yours truly

1-Eileen, can you still snare a rabbit? Frederic will be impressed

2-At least now if you decide to peform again, there will be no more dodging drunks at the RIV (hometown bar)

3-Was it  Don’t Stop Believing that I remember you singing from the JP days? 

4-New cd title- Shania Sings Eileen

5-You must have new love songs written by now..where the hell are they?

6-Mutt may not like your singing anymore, but I’m sure a few million still do

7-Sure you were only 6 years old..but do u still remember Country Roads Take Me Home

8-Heck does this mean no more MAXIM magazine photos

9-If you forget your own songs, you don’t need scraps of paper anymore..use the teleprompter

10-Shania- Just sing-Forget about Autotune

11-How come I’m not on your new reality show?

12-You sure were cute

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Documentary or live performance Blu-ray releases are a big passion for me. When it’s done right, it’s all encompassing.

I will watch them over and over. For some strange reason I do not do this with a regular movie

Everyone/or company seems to have a shot at it. When you visit your fave retailer, some of the stuff on the shelf  is pretty bad            

Eagle Rock Entertainment is without question a leader in this field. Their master audio and video resolution is always top shelf.  In addition Eagle Rock bring the widest variety of source music material of any company out there today

On an audio note, if you do not have a receiver that plays back  HD Master Audio, you may want use LPCM Stereo as opposed to dolby digital surround for older shows. 

I may miss one or two titles  that I have watched but here are my top blu-ray/dvd music releases for 2010   

When Your Strange-A Film about The Doors-Overall the most satisfying of the all too many Doors releases on the market.   A lot of the archival footage I had not seen. Plus interviews with Jim Morrsion’s father and bandmembers are exclusive and revealing.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band-London Calling- Live at Hyde Park-Stunning looking and sounding concert that has to be seen to be believed. I have played it for my friends and bandmembers who are  fans of The Boss   The verdict is The best they  have ever witnessed him and the band play besides being at the venue.

TAMI Show-1964 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Leslie Gore, The Beach Boys with Brian Wilson, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Chuck Berry, The Supremes and many others. Plus a house band with Leon Russell, Glen Campbell, Jack Nitzsche, Hal Blaine and others. All artists live, with film totally restored. Wow!!!

Ghost Blues-The Story of Rory Gallagher-Wow. A very well done documentary on Rory. Superb archival footage, interviews and a second disc titled The Beat Club Sessions. Great value.

Ladies and Gentlemen-The Rolling Stones-Yes and OMG. The Stones on the 1972 Exile On Main Street tour. Sure there are limitations because of the original source. Don’t worry about it one bit. Great looking, solid stereo track, and filmed over 4 nights in Texas. Includes 2010 interview with Mick Jagger.

Jimi Hendrix-West Coast Seattle Boy-Simply put the a must have 90 minute Hendrix documentary!

The Rolling Stones-Stones In Exile-The making of this classic Stones album. Archival footage abounds. U need it!

Bee Gees-In Our Own Time-The complete Bee Gees story. Fascinating interviews and footage. You will have new respect for the brothers after you see this one

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concerts-25th Anniversery-Can you tell me why most of the artists who are over 60 years of age out play most bands under 30 years of age. You may have seen the HBO Special but this has way more.

Without going into detail here are my other picks. Leonard Cohen-Songs From The Road, The Everly Brothers-Reunion concert Live At Royal Albert Hall, Crossroads 3 Dvd Clapton and Friends, Rush Classic album series 2112/Moving Pictures, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-Damn The Torpedos Classic album series, Emerson lake and Palmer-Live at Montreux-1997-Black Sabbath Paranoid /Classic album series, Nils Lofgren-Cry Tough, and last but not least Free Forever.

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