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MARC JORDAN-CRUCIFIX IN DREAMLAND-“Songs of The Falling Man”cd review by JOHN EMMS

When songcraft and emotion perfectly collide the result is Marc Jordan’s new album Cruxifix In Dreamland. An exquisetely engineered and compassionate pop album Jordan rediscovers his radio friendly songcraft in a big way. Songs like Geronimo’s Fire, Hueco Tanks with background vocal help from The Eagles Timothy B Schmit and Falling Man are simply can’t miss mid tempo “adult” songs that would not be out of place beside newcomers like Julian Velard or Amos Lee.

However, radio being what is is (radio for advertisers) Jordan might be better served having  this great set of songs recorded by others. In fact, a bid for that airplay is thrown in at the end of the cd when Jordan does another redo of his mega hit song Rhythm of My Heart with the very popular Johnny Reid (remember the other Scottish singer Rod Stewart).

Not as politcal as Don Henley or genuine Americana as let’s say Bruce Hornsby Jordan digs deep on Was It All In My Head, the gorgeous Your Love Was All with Alison Krauss and the pop blush of Raspberry Rain with Dala.

Elsewhere co-songwriter/producer Chris Bilton is a a major force with superb piano chops (check out Blue as A Gun called Love) virtually shaping the arrangements on every track.

For the most part this is a laid back soulful album. But, make no mistake Crucifix in Dreamland is the sound of a songwriter/artist at the top of his game 35 or so years into a career.  Look for this cd to make my top ten list this year.

JOHN EMMS is a veteran music journalist who writes product reviews for all major labels. John is also a roots/rock radio host the show is a podcast feature on  In his spare time John has fun with this blues rocking friends THE SHAFTMEN

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