BEE GEES-IN OUR OWN TIME-BLU-RAY DOCUMENTARY-“revealing stuff” by john emms

No question about it. This is a very revealing documentary. In fact,  the exclusive in depth interviews with Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb are extraordinary.

It’s noteworthy that all of  the  Maurice Gibb interviews were done before his death from a twisted intestine in 2003. What may surprise some fans was  just how much of the musical side of the band revolved around  Maurice Gibb often looked at as the quiet Bee Gee.

The documentary reveals that Maurice was the main instrumental force in the band playing keyboards, guitar, working out arrangements with the studio musicians, and of course laying down the groove  with famous Rickenbacker Bass.

Barry and Robin Gibb the band’s lead vocalists focus their interviews on the band’s early success in England and talk extensively on the huge global success of the film soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever (over 15 million copies)

The film boasts rare performance video, the true story behind the death of their younger brother Andy Gibb and insight into  the brothers incredible songwriting.

Often scorned for making “disco’ music popular this film easily shows that the brothers Gibb were indeed an organic and solid music making force. A must have for their worldwide fan base

JOHN EMMS is a veteran music journalist, radio show host  http://emms.podbean.com/ and musician www.johnemms.com and www.theshaftmen.com

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