Black Dub-self titled debut-“Standing on the outside of evolution”-by John Emms


Black Dub’s debut album captures a musical space and time that may bring new hope and spark to the whole idea of creating music. In a strange way it’s what jazz artists used to do. Create new soundscapes and explore genres

The  current music industry that is now formula and predictable, can be changed. This recording is the proof.

Daniel Lanois has written and produced 11 tracks with three superb musicians. Vocalist Trixie Whitley, bassist Daryl Johnson and drummer Brian Blade.

From the opening strains of  Love Lives on through to the gorgeous I Believe in You, the exquisite Cannan and what could be the album’s most radio friendly song Nomad,  the music simply shines.  In fact, Nomad and the reggae-esque vibe of Silverado could elevate this album into the people’s consciousness in a big way.

The whole vibe of the song Nomad and the lyric  which says in part “Open up your transmissions, I’m standing on the outside of evolution”  explains the whole concept of what making music means to Black Dub. 

I should say the production values and organic mix of this cd should sound amazing on the vinyl release

This music transcends genres, as it moves through time and space. It’s the real thing.

JOHN EMMS is a veteran music journalist, radio show host, and musician

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