NEVEREST/COLAMECO-Taking the groove vibe to the top-by John Emms

In the pop world as in almost any genre of music it’s all about  the groove, the image and the vibe.
Neverest has the above three and hopes to tap into the elusive “special sauce” as actor Jack Black  likes to put it. Hopefullly then spread that magic on to the buying public.
Over the next few weeks  the four piece pop/rock act are out applying that special vibe across Canada.
Drummer Brendan Colameco hailing from Shaniaville  is the band’s Northern Compass. He is the man who puts the groove in the meter and the meter in the groove.
When you see the band’s upcoming video for the track About Us you will see what the younger audience likes to call “The Dope”  Check it out as Brendan aka “The Animal”  slams out the groove.
Since I’m writing today  from the Northern Perspective  let’s focus on one of our own.  B-Town
Brendan Colameco is living proof that if you work hard, take some chances and believe in your ability you can become sucessfull.
The 19 year old Timmins native answered an ad on Craiglists in January 2010 for a Toronto pop/rock band looking for a serious drummer.
What Brendan did not know at the time was this would become the opportunity of a lifetime. Safe to say a gig that few musicians regardless of their abiltity get to experience. 
Brendan travelled to Toronto for a series of interviews with his father well known local musician Paul Colameco.
“On Brendan’s first day he was interviewed by the 3 Street Management team, on the second day he met two other band members lead vocalist Spyros Chalkiotis and multi-instrumentalist/guitarist Mike Klose, and on the third day those three jammed on different song ideas that Spyros had.
You could see it was serious stuff, in fact serious enough that as a parent  I was asked at the meeting if I would support my son having a serious music career away from his hometown. I replied without hesitation 100 percent” said Colameco.
4 to 5 days passed before Brendan was called and was told he made the cut. He was also told he must be available on short notice, and that he would have to pack up and move to Toronto permanetly to start rehearsing, after bassist Paul Loduca  had been recruited as the fourth member of the group.
Colameco went down to Toronto in May of 2010 and the band began to get serious with 4 and 5 hour rehearsals 5 days a week under the eyes of management team consisting of CJ Huyer, recording engineers Mike Kiofus,  Murray Daigle, and songwriter Angelo Themelkos.
Topping off the management team and putting his world experience and financial support among other investors is Backstreet Boys founding member  Howie Dorough. Since this man, has been around the world a few times and has been known to sing a song or two and may I say in key.  Chances are the man knows  “whazz up”
Needless to say The Colameco’s including brother Evan also a musician,  mother Darlene, and father Paul  are excited.
Personally,  Brendan’s growth as a musician has been extrordinary. Over the years I watched him play at his high school, at his father’s school and with various bands such as the ever hip Wyatt Young.  He was better each time out.
Brendan loves to groove, and that same groove is what makes his playing so special. Loose yet funky you could say!
Brendan Colameco started playing drums early. “Brendan was given a pair of drum sticks by Dale Nikoruk when he was 2 years old, and banged on everything for 8 years before taking proper drum lessons from Kevin McMahon (Mr Rock Steady) at The Music Box when he was 10 years old. After his lessons,  Bren would play for 5 and 6 hours straight. He  pretty much spent all of his free time  learning every aspect of drumming” explained Paul.
Recently Paul and myself travelled down to Toronto for the band’s first video shoot. Having been around a lot of  recording artists, and industry people over the last 20 years I was impressed by the “family’ type atmosphere surrounding the band. The management team were down to earth people, and may I add very likeable.
Later, I was introduced by Paul to the other 3 members of the band. These young men were anxious to learn their craft and are respectable and engaging.  I thought, wow something is special  here.
These young men are being mentored correctly and I could see that Paul as a parent had full trust in the way “The Team” was handling Brendan.
The actual video shoot itself took 2 days and the video was directed by multiple MMVA director RT who also works with Drake, Kardinal Offishall and major companies like Sony, Coca Cola, and Toyota to name just a few.
The new song and video About Us written with Anthony M Jones (Mary J Blige, Ashanti) will be serviced  in around November 9th.
While I’m on the film end of things, needless to say the man filming the band’s every move Antione Biko has got the goods. Watch for this guy to do big things in film and it’s  related genres
Neverest has been currently on a  very large radio promo tour across Canada and just finished the Eastern leg performing unplugged and being interviewed about the new single.
Also travelling with the band on the radio tour will be Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough.
The entire band and team are scheduled to appear and gig in Timmins on Novmber 9th at O’Gorman High School and TH&VS High School as well as drop in at the local radio stations as part of the Cross Canada promo tour.
As of yet there is no word on when an album of songs will be released. I’m looking forward to hearing the band play live, which as everyone knows is where the “real dope” is
John Emms is a veteran music journalist who does product reviews/interviews for all major labels  and some indies
John is also a radio show host, his show is featured podcast throughout the world on Apple Itunes http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/collection-songs-johns-radio/id376049866
John is also musician www.theshaftmen.com and writes for the media  http://www.timminspress.com/Search.aspx?search=john+emms

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