KINGS OF LEON-COME AROUND SUNDOWN-(BIG-ch-ch-changes??)-cd review john emms

No doubt..wanting to challenge your fans with your growth as songwriter is a big deal when your a succesfull band such as KOL.   TRYING TO HARD can be dangerous. Maybe that comes when you sell 7 million or so units of your last album. I DON’T KNOW

BUT, KILLER SONGS ARE HERE–some of them in that big ambience. Using that same BIG SOUND..there are some I just don’t think the band fleshed out enough.

But to be sure…I am NOW getting into this album,  BUT  I have to be honest. I DID NOT LIKE THIS RECORD on the first 2 listens.  

Let me also say I have to admit to only playing their dvd LIVE AT THE OZ once. I could barely get through it. They did not sound like themselves. It was BOMBASTIC at the time. I’m going to check it agian!!!!

PYRO..IS AN INSTANT CLASSIC though the U2 esque sound is strong. Caleb Followill’ ‘s  lead vocal is yearning and gets under your skin, and that goes for the THE FACE  There is something about the texture. Having said that The Immortals, and Mart should have been fleshed out more to find the nectar.

Back Down South is just plain pretty. ANOTHER CLASSIC.  Beach Song is the band finding a new groove and it’s superb showing how their willing to tackle it. You have to love the  way The Followill’s.. Matthew’s lead gtr stabs and the excellent bass and drums of  Jared and Nathan groove. That goes ditto for simple effective Birthday, and possibly one of their best songs MI AMIGO. To be sure.. I will be playing a lot of this record on my new radio show 

Yes maybe the band is tring too hard on some songs..and that shows. But, bottom line is you can’t get STUCK IN THE MOMENT AND NOT GET OUT OF IT.

KOL IS GROWING. come along for the ride..You will be glad you did!!!!!  

JOHN EMMS is veteran music  journalist, musician and RADIO SHOW HOST..CHECK  HIS  excellent song choices and past radio shows on APPLE ITUNES


OR THE ONLINE SITE  http://emms.podbean.com/

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