LADIES AND GENTLEMEN-The Rolling Stones-“Taylor, Wyman, Watts, Jagger and Richards shine on”-BLU-RAY REVIEW JOHN EMMS

The debut of this film fully restored and remastered is a gem in the history of  THE ROLLING STONES career and catalogue.  Without question this dvd will gain huge interest internationally because of it’s former cult status, and for the fact there has been a lot of care put into it’s re-creation.

However what’s most important is that it clearly shows how commanding the Stones could be on a good night.

In fact, MICK JAGGER is quoted in the interview segment  as saying that during the late 60’s and 70’s The Stones could be ramshackle and sloppy on stage, but on this particular four night run that the concert film draws from they were in pretty good form.


For younger fans (the 80’s and onwards) this is a chance to see the mid era band with added muscle from Jim Price trumpet, Nicky Hopkins on piano, and Bobby Keys on sax.

 The concert footage comes after the release of  EXILE ON MAIN STREET and the 3 album run of  BEGGARS BANQUET, LET IT BLEED, and STICKY FINGERS as a backdrop.

In addition it clearly shows how supple and superb MICK TAYLOR’S lead guitar lines weave in and out of the INTENSE GROOVE framework of KEITH RICHARDS, CHARLIE WATTS and the solid and interesting bass work of BILL WYMAN.

Jagger himself is prime front man form. In fact let’s face it other than ELVIS PRESLEY, JAMES BROWN, and OTIS REDDING.. and later BONO and MICHAEL JACKSON..MICK JAGGER is the holy grail of  lead singer/frontman who just happend to co-write some of rock’s biggest songs.

To be fair there has been some cutting from performances, as you notice Richards using different guitars and Jagger in different clothes in the same song, but overall this is the Rolling Stones in their rawest decadent form.

Soundwise I like to play this dvd in LPCM stereo mode as opposed to the dts surround. I find it presents the band in a more direct to the ear presence. Kind of like you were centre seat 10 rows from the stage. Also I just DON’T think the separation holds up well especailly when solos are being laid down, whether it’s Bobby Keys sax work or Taylor’s exceptional lead guitar.

THERE are absolute killer versions of DEAD FLOWERS, LOVE IN VAIN, MIDNIGHT RAMBLER, ALL DOWN THE LINE, and HAPPY and for the first time fans can revel in songs like Sweet Virginia and Rip This Joint.

Overall the blu-ray film is not your typical high gloss package you normally see. THAT SUITS me fine becuase it  fits the era of when the film was shot.

110 minutes including Jagger interviews and Tour Rehearsal footage (wow)

THIS DVD will be available world-wide from EAGLE ROCK ENTERTAINMENT October 12 2010.

JOHN EMMS is a veteran rock music journalist, musican and radio show host http://emms.podbean.com/

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