shania twain-can’t wait for her new show on oprah’s network-here is a previous column

Taylor, Shania, Vince, Elvis, The Shaftmen, Hank Sr, Waylon, who’s really singing? by john emms

CAN’T WAIT FOR SHANIA’S NEW SHOW ON OPRAH NETWORK..here is a column of interest for fans 

VINCE GILL is known as being a great player and excellent country vocalist

Gill has also been quoted as being against the “whole auto-tune craze” that is affecting modern country music.

Hell what would  have Hank Williams Sr, and good Ol’ Waylon Jennings thought of this madness

Fast forward to Taylor Swift’s big Grammy winning night.  I was not alone with my unflattering  commentary on Taylor Swift’s Grammy vocal performance.  Many publications weighed in. Let’s chalk it up to a rough night. We have all had them.

So then does it really matter?  Well yes. THE BEATLES USED THE IN HOUSE P.A AT SHEA STADIUM IN 1965 …WITH A CROWD OF 55,000…..George Jones, Roy Orbison and Ray Charles were some of the best singers ever. NO tricks..just sing  

Taylor has the smarts and  talent to learn from this. Some people have suggested that Swift was brave not to use auto-tune. I can tell you most of the performers I know and admire have to my knowledge not used the pitch correction device in the studio or in live performance.

Personally you can watch any of our Shaftmen live takes on youtube recorded with one camera and small microphone, and most of the time my voice is pretty stable.  And I can tell  you like most singers I have some pitch problems. For me it’s  the emotion of the performance

Taylor Swift is the youngest person to ever win A Grammy for Album of the Year, and  Heck maybe i’m off by one or two but Shania Twain has won 5 GrammyAwards. ELVIS PRESLEY WON ONLY 3 GRAMMY AWARDS..WOW..YOU SAY 

The 2010 Grammy audience share was up, and that was with the censoring of a riveting show from Eminem, Lil Wayne and Drake.

What does all this say about the future of the industry To quote my friends. ”Most of the buying consumer must be stupid”

I’ m going to go old school with Vince Gill  on this one. WE ALL LOVE GREAT MUSIC..BUT LET’S GET BACK TO REAL SINGING AND REAL PLAYING 

 HECK, I don’t know if SHANIA has in the past or if she tours again will decide to use auto-tune or pitch correction.

 I honestly don’t think she needs it. She started out like the rest of us. Little ol’ p.a. system with an old microphone handed down. If we can’t sing with the best gear in the world then  maybe we should all get practicing .





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