john emms reviews/nils lofgren-dvd cry tough-“a treasure”

Nils Lofgren has long been one of my fave guitarists.  However,  his work with  Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band/Neil Young and Crazy Horse  has never really nailed down his “own’ concert personna. For a number of years it’s obvious he is just a small part of the Boss’s killer band and he does his part. Now fans should get excited watching him doing his own material from 3 seperate broadcasts filmed in Germany for the Rockpalast t.v/festival concert series.

My fave convert of the 3 presented here is the 1979 festival show. At this point in his career he had the band and the chops tuned into a tight 5 piece sound that just kills.

Highlights include Beggars Day, Keith Don’t Go, Crry Tough and I Came To Dance. There are a number of parts over the entire dvd where you just say WOW THIS GUY IS SO GOOD

The 3 concerts catch Lofgren and band in 1976, 1979 and 1991 the latter with Rockets drummer Johnny “Bee” Badanjek .  Absolute dynamite shows.

It should be noted, Eagle Rock has become “the” company for it’s treasure trove of  excellent dvd/blu-ray titles such as the live from montreux series/classic albums series, and tons more.

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